We congratulate you for your decision to visit 2+2 CLUB. A visit in a swingers club doesn't mean deception, instead, such a visit can fresh up your sexual life and become a sexual adventure that brings you closer. You share an exciting experience between each other and you develop as couple. It is very important to try to speak for your upcoming visit, to set the limits, your tamboos and to consider that you have not to be jelaous. IF you proceed in sexual games with others, know that you act together as a couple and all the other are your 'living toys'. It is not about romance and feelings - it is about your intense desire, sex and the diversity of it, wether it is about a threesome or for new experiences or for a role-playing game. Don't try to press your partner for something that doesn't really agree. That could not only ruin your visit to the club but also can harm your relationship. We allow the entry only to sexual active couples. Only to persons that intend to become sexual active, not necessarily with others but at least between them and their partners. We can ensure your that everythings happens in 2+2 CLUB, stays in 2+2 CLUB.

Thursdays and Sundays at 2+2 CLUB

Thursdays and Sundays are playful days: singles and couples are waiting for you towards sexual escapades and... action! Ideal nights for couples that are looking for extra male partners for cuckold play! All single women enter the club free of charge!

Meticulous self-hygiene is mandatory

Never forget that good impressions are very important in a swingers club. This is why you have to be clean and presentable. Nobody desires an unkown lover with low self-hygiene.

Have fun and don't take everything too seriously

Even if you are a newcomer to the swinging lifestyle, being shy guarantees that you won't have fun. You have to feel at ease to be able to enjoy all that the club has to offer.

Let your partner have as much fun as you

Jealousy doesn't fit in a swingers club. If you feel jealous of your partner maybe 2+2 CLUB isn't for you.

Always be understanding towards other couples

Sex is exceptionally private and personal.  It's ok if your personal tastes don't match with another couple's. Always be clear about your wishes to avoid misunderstandings.

Don't be shy

Never forget that you are probably not the only one that doesn't know how each party works. Just let go and make new acquaintances.

Be cautious concerning your fetishes

The fact tha you enter a swingers club doesn't mean that everything is allowed. We have organized special events for more "specific" tastes.


We protect our clients' privacy by being strict with the rules concerning your personal moments.


Music is an essential part of your entertainment in 2+2 CLUB. You will listen to the best hits of electro music of the international scene

Rules & Regulations

· The entry is allowed to persons over 21 years old.

· The entry to single men is not allowed every Friday and Saturday. It is allowed every Thursday and Sunday with entry fee 80€ (incl. 2 drinks) -UNDER 45 YEARS OLD- and proportionate to the couples that have attended. Caution with your apperance. Dress well! --MEN IN SUIT HAVE 60€ ENTRY FEE-- Free entry and 2 free drinks for single women on Thursdays and Sundays

· Photos and Videos are prohibited inside and outside of the club.

· The administration maintains the right to decline the entry of a any couple under the influence of alcohol, drugs and for every other reason that can harm the clients and the business.

· Your appearance has to be well-looking. Sexy for women and elegant for men.

· Drug dealing and usage is strictly prohibited to all the areas of the club.

· Flirts and meetings have to take place discreetly and politely. In case where a couple don't want any contact, you need to go away.

· The administration has the right to ask the removal of a couple in case that it behaves improperly, annoyingly, aggressively or with lack of resepct to other couples or to the staff.

· The business has no responsibility for any loss of personal stuff in the place of the club and we recommend you to leave your items to the lockers at the reception of the club.

Entry fee

Thursday (20€ / couple - incl. 4 drinks)
Cuckold Night - single men are allowed (80€ - 2 drinks & 2 shots incl.) - MEN IN SUIT AND TIE PAY 60€
Free entry for single women and 2 free drinks


Friday (20€ / couple - 2 drinks incl.) - EVERY FRIDAY FREE ENTRY TO SINGLE LADIES AND 1 DRINK OR 1 COCKTAIL
Single Ladies Night event


Saturday (30€ / couple - 2 drinks incl.)
Take it Off event


Sunday (20€ / couple - incl. 4 drinks)
Cuckold Night - single men are allowed (80€ - 2 drinks & 2 shots incl.) - MEN IN SUIT AND TIE PAY 60€
Free entry for single women and 2 free drinks


Free entry and 2 free drinks every Thursday and Sunday for single women. Every Friday free entry for single women and 1 drink or 1 cocktail.


Entry is allowed only to couples over 21 years old.


First time in the club: Meeting a new couple has to be discreetly and politely.


The privacy and reticence it's an inviolable rule for all swingers.


Every Thursday and Sunday is a Cuckold night that single men are also allowed (80€/single man - 60€ / single man in suit and tie | 2 drinks incl.) Free entry for women (incl. 2 drinks)


Free entry for couples up to 25 years old.


Entry to single men is allowed only on Thursdays and Sundays at Cuckold nights. You have to be clean, polite, well-mannered and well-dressed. In a few words, you should be a classy man.


Thursdays & Sundays (22:00 - 04:00) Fridays & Saturdays (23:00 - 05:00)


Dress code in 2+2 Club is mandatory. Classy for men and sexy for women.