The story of a club might not be a simple decision that comes of several month before the opening of a club but the roots of an idea can be tracked down deep in time, deep in the past that constructs your temperament to end up incarnate an idea. Our story begins in Germany, in the '90s and specificaly at Berlin, in an essential city of the european multiculturalism and culture where new ideas can have their first appearance and reach every end of the world. Themis got raised in theis enviroment where with his wife discovered the culture of swinging and of course got impressed by the freedom that it offers. They had trips all around the world, they met couples, they discovered new clubs and gathered the experience that someone needs to build your own place for swingers but this time at Themis' homeland, Greee. In 2014 the idea of a club begins and 2+2 CLUB becomes a reality, a club in a society where new ideas are not welcome and many factors makes it difficult to happen and facing many problems, finally it got established and won its personal space and now it is the most powerful, elegant and most active swingers club in Greece with countless couples and many showbiz persons visiting it from all around the world every week to enjoy their favourite game.


2+2 Club is located in the industrial area of the Piraeus' port, an area away of houses where your privacy is fully secured, with easy access and parking. A place full of old buildings that sends you back in time! This cannot leave us uninvolved! The aesthetics of the club are influenced by the atmosphere of the port with rooms that reminds you the inter-war Europe where the ports where spots that everyone could find what was looking for... There are eight rooms to play in the club, a pole for pole dancing, a stage and a BDSM spot in a huge club that allowes you to have fun in comfort, to meet couples and lets you enjoy your drink in the most joyful way. The bar is located in the centre of the club so all the couples can sit around it in order to make meetings way easier. At the entrance of the club there is a reception where you can leave your personal stuff in the lockers and your coats to the garderobe. Also, there are security video system at the exterior side of the club that are being used to keep you safe as well as your vehicle's safety. The 2 + 2 Club plays the most selected hits of mainstream and electronic music.